Next meeting:  Tuesday, November 5  1:00-3:00 PM 

The intent of this work team is to build capacity of quality higher education programs as a tool to improve outcomes for students with disabilities, with a focus on students with intellectual disability, to promote greater knowledge of students, families, K-12 education systems, and institutions of higher education about quality higher education programs that improve outcomes for students with disabilities, and to align policy and guidance across entities involved in high school transition.

  • Kathy Sheppard-Jones – Lead
    Maria Kemplin
    Jennifer Hicks
    Jason Wheatley
    Harold Kleinert
    Rebecca Simms
    Melissa Jones
    Cindy Clemson
    Buddy Hoskinson – DAIL
    Donna Davis – KCTCS
    Stephanie Little – Coop Director
    Karen Boudreaux 
    David Beach – KY AHEAD and UK DRC
    David Merdian – WKU student
    Becky Cabe 
    Vickey Reilly
    Helga Gilbert 
    Gina Embry – KCTCS
    Caroline Atkins – CPE
    Lisa Carrico
    Ashley Taylor
    Laura Butler
    Nancy Bardgett
    Kristen Tibourtine
    Dawn Offutt
    Barry Whaley
    Grayson Kemplin
    Gina Embry
    Bev Harp
    Rachel Combs
    Rebecca Gregory

Contact lead if interested in participating.