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You Can Do So Many Things! Childrens’ Book

You Can Do So Many Things! Children’s Book [Link]

“You Can Do So Many Things!” explores the different job possibilities for a little girl with disabilities who’s interested in horses in Kentucky. Flynn’s journey offers an example for children to see what kind of job opportunities are available when they really take a look at their interests.

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Kentucky Comprehensive Transition & Postsecondary Programs Briefs

Learn about Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary Programs (CTPs) designed to support students with intellectual disabilities (ID) who want to continue academic, career and technical, and independent living instruction at an institution of higher education (IHE) in order to prepare for employment.

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Kentucky Checklists for a Bright Future

The Kentucky Checklists for a Bright Future offer a one page checklist of the most important things parents and youth can do to prepare for meaningful employment and financial security at each age. The checklists also include the most important resources you need along the way.

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HDI Transportation Initiative (with modules)

Visit the Transportation Initiative website [link]

The Transportation Initiative is a project of UK’s Human Development Institute and is funded through the support of the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities. The Transportation Initiative seeks to provide comprehensive information and education on transportation options.

This initiative also includes modules on different types of transportation options, such as Rideshare and ADA Paratransit.

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KentuckyWorks: SSI 101 Video (The Truth About SSI and Working)

This video covers how youth with disabilities can work and keep their benefits. Created by Jeff White and Carolyn Wheeler.

Helpful links from video above:

More helpful resources:

Seeing a Brighter Future title and photo of young woman with a disability at a computer, a man with Down syndrome cleaning off a table, and a young child with Down syndrome

Seeing a Brighter Future Handout with Resources for Parents

Download Seeing a Brighter Future Handout with Employment Resources [PDF] (Kentucky Version)

Download Seeing a Brighter Future Handout with Employment Resources [PDF) (National Version)

Download Seeing a Brighter Future Handout with Employment Resources [Word]

Handout to go along with the Seeing a Brighter Future curriculum to give parents the vision of employment for students with significant intellectual disabilities and practical steps to take throughout the school years to prepare for the world of work. This handout includes activities and a resource list for families and individuals.

Development of this curriculum was supported by a U.S. Administration on Community Living grant, (90DNEM0004-01-00) for the KentuckyWorks project. 

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KentuckyWorks Brighter Futures Family Engagement Curriculum

Contact Stephanie Meredith at to learn more about our Brighter Futures family engagement curriculum.

Seeing a Brighter Future is a 2-hour training curriculum to inspire parents of children with signi cant intellectual disabilities that employment is possible and can be a meaningful part of their son or daughter’s life. The training is designed to be delivered by parent advocates, disability advocates, educators, and other professionals who work with families and youth with disabilities. The curriculum also includes a corresponding “train the trainers” guide.

Curriculum Resources:

  • Employment for Youth with Disabilities: Seeing a Bright Future Power Point Presentation for speaker
  • Employment for Youth with Disabilities: Seeing a Bright Future presenter notes for speaker
  • Brighter Future handouts for each participant
  • Features to Benefits Form for each participant
  • Participant Evaluations

In addition, you can put together a youth employment panel to share real stories of employment for youth with disabilities in Kentucky. Depending on the audience, youth panels can include students and job seekers in varied stages of the process of securing customized, integrated employment. For those who are interested in hosting a youth panel of students/young adults with disabilities to share their employment stories, the following organizations can help connect you with youth who are currently working and who are interested in sharing their stories:Build Inclusion: Contact Annette Jett at
Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky WeWork program: Contact Traci Brewer at or 859-806-8196