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Charting the Lifecourse [Link]

Charting the Lifecourse includes resources, courses, tools, and online and in-person support to help young people with disabilities prepare for all aspects of transition and achieve their goals.

“Charting the LifeCourse is designed to be used for your own life, for your family members, or in the work you do. The framework and tools will help you organize your ideas, vision, and goals, as well as problem-solve, navigate, and advocate for supports.”

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Kentucky Comprehensive Transition & Postsecondary Programs Briefs

Learn about Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary Programs (CTPs) designed to support students with intellectual disabilities (ID) who want to continue academic, career and technical, and independent living instruction at an institution of higher education (IHE) in order to prepare for employment.

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Kentucky Checklists for a Bright Future

The Kentucky Checklists for a Bright Future offer a one page checklist of the most important things parents and youth can do to prepare for meaningful employment and financial security at each age. The checklists also include the most important resources you need along the way.

Updated KentuckyWorks Module—EMP 101: What We All Need to Know About Transition for Students with Significant Disabilities

Updated EMP 101: What We All Need to Know About Transition for Students with Significant Disabilities

EMP 101 is an overview of the current status of employment outcomes for youths with intellectual and developmental disabilities in KY, the key steps in the transition process itself, the legal requirements and the roles of each agency, types of employment (competitive, supported, and customized), and the development of measurable post-secondary goals for transition-age youth. The module has a series of guiding questions, which form the basic structure of the module, with interactive questions interspersed throughout. We are now able to offer professional development/continuing education credits for individuals who successfully complete the training.

Kentucky Post School Outcomes web page

Kentucky Post School Outcome Study (KyPSO)

Kentucky Post School Outcome Study (KyPSO) [link]

Gives a survey at the end of high school for youth with IEP plans.

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Charting the Life Course: Daily Life and Employment booklet

Charting the Life Course: Daily Life and Employment booklet [link]

Booklet by the UMKC Institute for Human Development about planning to become an adult in your daily life and and at work.

This guide is one in a series of LifeCourse domain guides focused on Daily Life and Employment. It is intended to help you, your family, or the people who support you think about what you like and want to do as you grow from childhood into young adulthood and beyond. This guide will help you think about questions to ask, things to do, and resources to access that lead to a job, career, volunteer position, or continuing education of your choice.

FYI Transition

FYI Transition [link]

Videos and online course about transition for students with disabilities.