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Kentucky Checklists for a Bright Future

The Kentucky Checklists for a Bright Future offer a one page checklist of the most important things parents and youth can do to prepare for meaningful employment and financial security at each age. The checklists also include the most important resources you need along the way.


iBelong [link]

Website from Canada with videos and information sheets on how to make friends.

Best Buddies

National Best Buddies [link]

Helps people with disabilities find friends, find jobs, and become leaders.

National Phone: 305-374-2233

National Email:

University of Kentucky Best Buddies [link]

Local Contact: Steve Tyner Wilson


Special Olympics

Special Olympics [link]

Offers games and sports for people with disabilities and also offers Unified Sports for all people.

Phone: 1-800-700-8585


HDI Recreation Resource Guide

HDI Recreation Resource Guide [link]

A book about recreation activities that include people with disabilities in Kentucky.

Kentucky Peer Buddies

Kentucky Peer Buddies [link]

Helps students support each other at school.

Phone: 859-257-5016

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Kentucky Peer Support Network Project

Kentucky Peer Support Network Project [link]

Creates groups of friends in classrooms.

Phone: 859-218-1338 (Patti Logsdon)