iBelong [link]

Website from Canada with videos and information sheets on how to make friends.

Best Buddies

National Best Buddies [link]

Helps people with disabilities find friends, find jobs, and become leaders.

National Phone: 305-374-2233

National Email: Info@BestBuddies.org

University of Kentucky Best Buddies [link]

Local Contact: Steve Tyner Wilson

Emails: bestbuddiesuky@gmail.comdjki225@g.uky.edustyne2@uky.edu

Special Olympics

Special Olympics [link]

Offers games and sports for people with disabilities and also offers Unified Sports for all people.

Phone: 1-800-700-8585

Email: info@specialolympics.org

HDI Recreation Resource Guide

HDI Recreation Resource Guide [link]

A book about recreation activities that include people with disabilities in Kentucky.

Kentucky Peer Buddies

Kentucky Peer Buddies [link]

Helps students support each other at school.

Phone: 859-257-5016

Peer Support Network website photo

Kentucky Peer Support Network Project

Kentucky Peer Support Network Project [link]

Creates groups of friends in classrooms.

Phone: 859-218-1338 (Patti Logsdon)