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Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion

Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion [link]

Author(s): Business Leadership Network and US Chamber of Commerce
Business leaders were asked to share their successful disability inclusion strategies. This publication highlights these strategies, which businesses of all sizes can use to create a more inclusive workplace, marketplace, and supply chain. Real-life examples, such as these, are important to help businesses realize the wide range of opportunities available and the potential for replicating success. An assessment is also included as a tool to initiate or enhance your company’s disability-friendly corporate practices.

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Disability Etiquette: Engaging People with Disabilities

Disability Etiquette: Engaging People with Disabilities [link]

Author(s): Tennessee Disability Coalition
“This guide provides helpful information on disability etiquette. Topics covered include meeting a person with a disability, interacting with a wheelchair user, meeting someone with a cognitive impairment, engaging someone who is blind or has a disability that affects vision, meeting a person with a disability that affects speech, communicating with someone who is deaf or uses an assisted hearing device, using appropriate language, talking about disability, and general common courtesies for engaging people with disabilities.” (TennesseeWorks)

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At Your Service

At Your Service [link]

“The Mid-Atlantic ADA Center has partnered with Storyline Motion Pictures (filmmakers of the critically acclaimed PBS documentary Lives Worth Living, and curators of the Disability Rights Museum on Wheels), to produce this dynamic new twenty minute customer service film “at your service”. It addresses best practices and features national disability leaders offering insights, tips and recommendations on how to provide exemplary customer service to individuals with disabilities. We invite you to view our 20-minute film in its full length or as the brief Preview.” For additional tips, and resources, and information visit (Mid-Atlantic ADA Center)