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Work Stories

Calvin works at Paducah Beer Werks where he washes dishes, prepares the pepperoni, and sweeps the pub. His employment specialist says Calvin has a great personality and brings out the best in other people. His supports involve checking on him every 3 months or so to see if any issues need to be addressed.


Employment specialists and educators play important roles in preparing people with intellectual disabilities for the world of work. They also help find job placements and provide support on the job. Ultimately, the expectation should be that all people with disabilities have skills and talents to contribute to their communities, and our goal is to find jobs to help them reach their potential and develop independence.

Work Stories

An employment specialist who knew the owners at the Leon Riley auto dealership talked to them about setting up a working arrangement for Jake who had also previously volunteered at the dealership during high school. The employers were enthusiastic about creating a part-time job for him and have expanded his responsibilities as he has demonstrated his capabilities. His employment specialist recommends 24-7 networking because you never know when you’ll establish a connection

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