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Work Stories

Calvin talking to job coach
Calvin works at Paducah Beer Werks where he washes dishes, prepares the pepperoni, and sweeps the pub. His employer says that Calvin fit in right away on the job and that everyone loves him. Company owner Todd Blume says, “Give someone a chance because you never know what they’re capable of, and you can see where they fit in because most of the time there’s something they can do.”  


Employees with disabilities can offer diversity, dedication, and talent to your workforce. When hiring a person with a disability, you can evaluate their strengths to determine the best job placement. Each person with a disability has unique strengths that can benefit their communities and employers.

People with disabilities may also have various needs for accommodations. Employment specialists are often available to help figure out how to achieve success. For example, an employee made need technology like a keyboard with bigger keys, or they may need their job assignment written out with photo reminders. Many tactics can be implemented to meet specific needs.

Ultimately, the purpose for these working relationships is to be mutually beneficial and also improve an employer’s bottom line as their employees meet important needs. In addition, employers may qualify for various tax incentives by hiring an employee with a disability.

Work Stories

Ellie helps organize files at the Louisville YMCA and is helping them move from paper to digital files. Associate Executive Director Paul McKim says the branch was behind on electronic filing until Ellie was hired to assume the sole responsibility for that task with her background in data entry and paperwork.

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