Upcoming KentuckyWorks Events:

  • Family/Youth Workgroup meetings held the 3rd Monday of every month at 1pm

Current KentuckyWorks Activities:

  • Implementing seamless transition pilots in Simpson and Montgomery counties.
  • Disseminating the family engagement curriculum for families with partners, including Kentucky Spin, the Special Education Co-ops, Down Syndrome Louisville, the Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky, and the Kentucky Autism Training Center. Watch the online version of the family engagement seminar with a youth panel.
  • Disseminating brochures about KentuckyWorks and flyer for modules

Products in Development

  • Creating top 10 lists for families and youth to know for each grade in school.
  • Developing Comprehensive Transition Program Briefs

KentuckyWorks Newsletters:

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Employment Initiatives in Kentucky:

One of the steps that is necessary for progress in this area is to share information about employment efforts that are working in support of improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities. Visit https://www.hdi.uky.edu/kentucky-formal-network-partnerships-for-increased-employment-with-disability-focus for a list of Kentucky employment initiatives and partnerships with a disability focus. This is a living webpage that will be continually updated as collaborators and efforts expand. It is a step in sharing the work that is happening in the Commonwealth with new audiences. It is also just one ingredient in impacting employment outcomes.

We all need to increase our knowledge about disability and not just opt for what we think we know. For too long, expectations of society at large about the capabilities of people with disabilities have closed the door to work. We must improve our understanding of disability benefits and opportunities that exist for youth with disabilities who are transitioning from high school. Students with disabilities should have the expectation to go on to higher education and employment when they leave school. We must recognize that, with the right supports in place, there is opportunity for ALL people with disabilities. If we do not provide those quality supports, employment will continue to be a promise that lies just out of reach. 

For more information about UK HDI employment and workforce initiatives, contact Dr. Kathy Sheppard-Jones at 859.257.8104 or email kjone@uky.edu .