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Charting the Lifecourse Nexus

Charting the Lifecourse [Link]

Charting the Lifecourse includes resources, courses, tools, and online and in-person support to help young people with disabilities prepare for all aspects of transition and achieve their goals.

“Charting the LifeCourse is designed to be used for your own life, for your family members, or in the work you do. The framework and tools will help you organize your ideas, vision, and goals, as well as problem-solve, navigate, and advocate for supports.”

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You Can Do So Many Things! Childrens’ Book

You Can Do So Many Things! Children’s Book [Link]

“You Can Do So Many Things!” explores the different job possibilities for a little girl with disabilities who’s interested in horses in Kentucky. Flynn’s journey offers an example for children to see what kind of job opportunities are available when they really take a look at their interests.

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Kentucky Post School Outcomes Center (KyPSO) Data

Kentucky Post School Outcomes Center (KyPSO) Data [link]

KyPSO collects data on students with IEP’s who exited public high schools in Kentucky the previous year. Click on the link below to see the most recent year’s data on employment and education outcomes. You might also use the drop-down menus to look at some of our populations of interest (Autism, Functional Model Disability and Multiple Disabilities, as well as those who exited on the Alternate Diploma).

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Inclusive Higher Education Webinar 1: Getting Comfortable with Disability by Christina Bard and Jason Jones

IHE Webinar: Getting Comfortable with Disability by Christina Bard and Jason Jones [link]

Watch this webinar to learn more about

The HDI Postsecondary Work Team and Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities created this webinar on “Getting Comfortable with Disability” on October 9, 2019 as part of the Kentucky Inclusive Higher Education webinar series.

The webinar explores the attitudinal barriers faced by people with disabilities in all aspects of life. It features real life stories and offers examples for each barrier and discusses etiquette and myths around a variety of disabilities.