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HDI Transportation Initiative (with modules)

Visit the Transportation Initiative website [link]

The Transportation Initiative is a project of UK’s Human Development Institute and is funded through the support of the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities. The Transportation Initiative seeks to provide comprehensive information and education on transportation options.

This initiative also includes modules on different types of transportation options, such as Rideshare and ADA Paratransit.

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Kentucky Employment First Council and Report

Employment First Kentucky [web link] is a Kentucky initiative launched by the governor on May 15, 2018 to make integrated, competitive employment in the community the first and primary option for persons with disabilities who want to work.

To accomplish the goal, Kentucky has created a 27-member Employment First Council comprised of people with disabilities, family members, employers, state agency representatives, and provider agencies.

Future meetings of the council will be held at 10am on January 9, April 9, an June 11. All meetings will be held in Frankfort, and an online option will be provided.

Read the latest 2019 Employment First Annual Report to get more information about the work currently being done on these initiatives.

For more information, contact Katie Wolf Whaley at or

Benefits 101: A Guided Study of Your Own Situation

Benefits 101: A Guided Study of Your Own Situation [Take course for credit.]

This one hour training is an overview of how earned income may affect eligibility for an entitlement to social security disability benefits and supplemental security income.

Course Objectives

  • Clarify the facts about the impact of work upon disability benefits and supplemental security income.
  • Provide you with the basic knowledge to make an informed decision about how obtaining employment may affect your financial situation.