KentuckyWorks is a collaborative effort to support youth and young adults with intellectual  disabilities, autism, and multiple disabilities in finding competitive employment.

  • State agencies are working together to help youth and young adults to transition from high school to work and postsecondary opportunities leading to employment, by:
    •  Raising awareness and the expectation that people with significant disabilities can work
    • Supporting students, families and educators in planning for transition and understanding services and systems
    • Building work skills and supporting employment success
    • Focusing on the concerns, needs, and solutions of community partners
    • Ensuring that competitive employment is considered the first and primary option for persons with disabilities who want to become employed.
  • KentuckyWorks works closely with the Community Work Transition Program (CWTP), a longstanding project currently in 105 districts and designed to provide a positive beginning in the world of work for students with disabilities. It is expected that our learning from KentuckyWorks will further refine and improve the CWTP.
  • Areas of technical assistance and resources include:
    • Developing teams with representation from relevant agencies involved with youth and employment
    • Increasing the capacity of these school teams to understand the employment process and improve their ability to develop and/or enhance partnerships with employers and providers
    • Using proven tools to support successful work experiences for individuals
    • Improving partnerships with families

This project is a collaborative effort between the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute (UKHDI), the KY Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), KY Department of Education, KY Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, KY Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL), KY Protection & Advocacy, KY Community and Technical College System, Kentucky Governor’s Office of Early Childhood (GOEC), Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities, KY Office of Autism, and the KY Autism Training Center

Development of this website was supported by a U.S. Administration for Community Living grant, (90DNEM0004-01-00).